Monday, April 09, 2007

What you can do about it.

Global warming can get you down with all of its talk of famine and mass extinction. Luckily, the situation is less hopeless than it might seem.

We could avoid the worst effects of warming if we committed to an 80% reduction in carbon emissions within the next 30 years. That might sound like a big, impossible initiative, but actually, it would just bring the world back down to the levels of carbon emissions we had in 1950. I wasn't around, but from what I've heard, 1950 wasn't so terrible. Some people even refer to those times as "the good old days."

We can start towards that goal as individuals, by conserving energy, driving less, and buying green power. But we also need our government to step in and force our markets to recognize and take responsibility for the very real costs of greenhouse gas emissions.

The new coastline (from Flood Maps, a previous post)
Towards that end, we in Portland are staging a protest this weekend, on Saturday, April 14. Our "New Coast Parade" will march along Fore Street, the new waterfront of Portland under a 6 meter sea level change. Following the parade, there will be speakers, music, and educational exhibits in Monument Square.

This will be one of over 1300 protests, rallies, and gatherings being held all over the nation to make Congress regulate an 80% emissions reduction. If you live in or near Portland, please join us, and if you live somewhere else, you can probably find an event near you.

Meet us between 10:30 and 11 AM in Post Office Park for the parade, or stop by sometime early in the afternoon for the rally in the Square (click here for event details).

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