Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The landscape of paranoia

More evidence that suburban living is a symptom of environmental psychosis, from Rebecca Johnson's op-ed essay in Monday's New York Times:
"Sometimes the xenophobia of the suburbs is subtle, sometimes it’s not. But you can’t live here very long without becoming aware that so much of what draws us to the suburbs — the ability to find a parking spot in town, the quiet of the night, the sense of safety — is based on the principles of exclusion."
Those of you readers who also happen to be criminals should start living up to those suburbanites' expectations by lurking around in their woods some more.

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Turboglacier said...

As a psychiatrist, I must object to the term "environmental psychosis" to describe the attitudes and behaviors described in that op-ed. Most of the psychotic people I know are much friendlier (and considerably more generous) than the man in the red canoe.