Monday, December 17, 2007

The Photo They Don't Want You to See

PS - This is the forbidden photograph of the inside of Plum Creek's "hospitality room" (read the previous post for the hilarious story behind it).

It looks innocent enough, but as I left I could have sworn I heard them start chanting in tongues. On my way down the hall I passed some shaved sheep that were being led back to the room I'd left. They were completely shaved and tattooed in unintelligible symbols that nevertheless filled me with a vague sense of dread. The weirdest thing was a few minutes later, downstairs in the big hearing room, when a big bloody mass of entrails just fell through the ceiling onto the LURC commissioners' desk. Probably just a freak accident.

Just kidding! Totally joking! Haha. You Plum Creek guys have a great sense of humor, you know?

1 comment:

Turboglacier said...

Hilarious, man! Next time let them smash your camera. I know a good attorney would would probably be willing to take 'em to court for it...