Friday, January 18, 2008

The baby boomers are going to love this.

The nexus of ridiculous wealth and ridiculous immaturity in this second gilded age has had its share of problems - broken marriages, Hummer sales, SEC investigations, and global environmental destruction, among them - but if you're willing to do the heavy lifting to assuage bourgeois guilt pangs (case study: WhoFooMa), there are some tremendous business opportunities. Like this one:

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Paul Burdick said...

While some of their points are valid, the comparison is a bit too weak to make this really amusing to me as it slips into tomfoolery. Then again, my humor on the whole Global Warming solution is far darker.

Jessica said...

Did you see the article on the cover of NYTimes on Saturday about the rising price of vegetable oil? It says, "Biofuels accounted for almost half the increase in worldwide demand for vegetable oils last year, and represented 7 percent of total consumption..."

Also, I'd like to know how you came upon in the first place, guy.

C Neal said...

I cribbed it from Sally at
She says she found it on some RISD website.

RISD is godless, so it makes sense why they would post something like this, but Sally and Peter, the bloggers at portcitystudios, are married. I came upon this video twice-removed from the godless cheating source after it had been through a filter of clean-living matrimony. Safe! And you're the one that reads the Superficial.