Friday, January 04, 2008

Comic relief

I've you've been reading this blog for two years now, you know that I used to work in the Appalachian Mountain Club's huts in northern New Hampshire (here's the archive from those days). Now, an old boss of mine is managing the construction of a new string of huts in northern Maine. An article in today's Kennebec Journal describes the project's long permitting process. I almost never waste my time reading the comments on Maine newspapers' web sites, but I did happen to see this one and I'm glad I did, because it seems to have accidentally stumbled on comic gold:

Brian of West Gardiner, ME
Jan 4, 2008 8:52 AM's funny that as soon as the liberal democrat granola environmental whako hikers with walking sticks and backpacks who are trying to find themselves in the woods and become one with nature want to improve property by building on trails for their own personal comfort,they feel that is ok!

However they vehemently oppose any other property improvements for the rest of us normal people!

Case in point, the opposition to plum creek!

Lets see, liberal democrat granolas want to construct...$11 million project, 12 "huts", 4,500-square-foot structures would provide a total of 400 beds and would each accommodate 35 to 40 guests and staff!

How can you call these buildings HUTS?! These are not HUTS but GRANOLA HOTELS!

These people talk out of both sides of their mouth! This project should not be allowed to go through! It hurts the wildlife and places too many treehuggers in the woods!

Never...Ever...elect democrats!

Brian makes some very cutting points on the contradictions and elitism inherent in old-guard environmentalism. Too bad he assumes that all hikers are "democrat liberal granola environmental whakos [sic]". That's a lot of baggage for our backpacks.

I also think that "GRANOLA HOTEL!" is a great description of the AMC huts.


girltuesday said...

oh man, that's fantastic!

brian's observation--as you clarify--about plum creek and ME huts & trails is well-taken, although slightly diminished by the fact that the two projects are not on the same scale with respect to impact (among other things). also, correct me if i'm wrong, but the two projects are not mutually exclusive? isn't maine huts & trails set to receive an easement from plum creek?

C Neal said...

True... ME Huts is set to receive a trail easement for its last section through to Moosehead. For that matter, the AMC also stands to gain a huge real estate (and fundrai$ing) opportunity if the Plum Creek plan goes through - PC has offered to sell them a township's worth of land around the upper Roach Ponds, just north of their recent Katahdin Iron Works acquisition.

To their credit, though, the AMC has shown some spine recently in speaking out against some elements of Plum Creek's plan. They're not fighting it like they fight wind power, but neither are they being completely cynical about it.

Brown said...

Poor Brian. He needs to move to Florida or perhaps Mississippi--somewhere where uninterrupted Republican rule has resulted in a paradise on Earth.

Patrick Ian Banks said...

But only if he takes MEinCRISIS and kidatheart with him.
(Yes, I'm ashamed to admit I spend quite a bit more time reading Maine Today comments than Christian does.)