Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Sunshine State!

Some recent news stories and links related to urban nature in Florida:

  • In Port St. Lucie, a luxury golf course developer conserved about 120 acres of prime lakeside real estate for a pair of nesting bald eagles. As golfer habitat, the land could have netted $40 million. But according to developer Bobby Ginn, the eagles are more valuable: "For me, it's as big an amenity as golf or tennis or a pool," said Ginn in a Palm Beach Post article. "People want to see and enjoy wildlife and they should be able to do it from home." Watch the birds and their new eaglets on Audubon of Florida's web site.

  • In Delray Beach, the sewage treatment plant added some native plants to its percolation ponds, built a boardwalk for visitors, and created a wildlife park replete with herons and large predators. Check out the photos from Peter and Sally's visit.

  • 30 to 50 kilometers over Texas, but presumably launching from Cape Canaveral, there could soon be a giant banana floating in the sky in a geostationary orbit. But only if our space program can get its priorities straight. Visit www.geostationarybananaovertexas.com for more information. Judging from the project team, this actually appears to be an initiative of the Canadian space agency.

    If someone acts quickly, the domain name geostationarylycheeovermanitoba.com is still available for purchase. Who's going to step up for America to ensure that Canada doesn't win the geostationary-fruit-in-space race?

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