Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Protesting oil is worse than Cobra and Barbie's credit limit COMBINED.

I've already written a little bit about the oil rig museum in Galveston, Texas. Here's a photo of one of their sillier exhibits:

Click the image to read the sign if it's not legible in the thumbnail above.

Now, I can appreciate their efforts to inform people that plastic stuff is made from oil. But telling kids that their dolls and stuffed animals rely on oil companies for their very survival seems a bit much. When I re-read this sign, I envision G.I. Joe, Barbie, and the Care Bears joining forces to fight the Sierra Club over the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, a wondrous Cabbage Patch where millions of new toys are just aching to be born.

Of course, this exhibit sign takes on another layer of irony with all the recent brouhaha over toxic toys: Barbie's polyvinyl chloride skin (made from oil, of course) has come under particularly heavy fire from regulators and concerned parents. Maybe G.I. Joe should wage war against the precautionary principle.

In the museum gift shop there was a whole corner given over to a bunch of toys that had no apparent connection to the oil industry or Texas or anything else in the museum. But a sign explained: "Products of petrochemicals!" Just don't put them in your mouth.

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