Monday, April 07, 2008

WhoFooMa: "It's Vegas with organic, gluten-free scones."

Christopher Hawthorne, architecture critic for the LA Times, has written a great critique of WhoFooMa as "the grocery store version of a hybrid SUV made by Lexus or a 12,000-square-foot 'green' house with a swimming pool and six-car garage accompanying its solar panels and sustainably harvested decking."

WhoFooMa shoppers and employees enjoying the atmosphere of self-righteousness and organic nitrous oxide. Image courtesy of Trusted Places blog.

Hawthorne notes the parallels between green architecture and organic foods as movements that have been co-opted by jackass environmentalist impulses:
"Somewhere along the way, for both organic grocers and the corporate patrons of green architecture, the line between planet-saving and aggressive marketing became blurred. Companies realized that promoting themselves as eco-friendly could be a powerful sales tool...

The genius of the Whole Foods approach, under hard-driving Chief Executive John Mackey, has been to realize that many American consumers have a vague desire to buy organic and live healthier but have no interest in dispensing with selection or comfort.

Read Hawthorne's full column here.


GirlTuesday said...

or convenience.

Anonymous said...

Similar to Discovery Green, the new LEED certified park opening today in downtown Houston, complete with energy efficient lighting, sustainably harvested brazilian hardwood construction, and an outdoor ice skating rink?