Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Portland Combined Sewer Overflow Outlets

Labor Day's come and gone, which means that there are scant opportunities left to enjoy Maine's beaches. The ocean's temperature is at its warmest this time of year, and a stretch of dry weather means that Portland's combined sewers haven't overflowed into Casco Bay since mid-August.

But if we do get any wet weather, you might want to avoid swimming near any of the markers on the map below. These are Portland's combined sewer overflow outlets, where a toxic combination of street runoff and raw sewerage overflow into local watersheds during wet weather (read all the details here):

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Circles on the map are outlets that continue to function as combined CSOs (mixed sewage and street runoff); stars are outlets that only dump street runoff (which is bad enough, but at least the amount of feces in it is limited to that produced by the population of city dogs with irresponsible owners).

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