Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Time warps

Portland Daily Photo blogger (and fellow Bonny Eagle High School alumnus) Corey Templeton has been doing some really neat photographs of historic postcards framed by the same locations in contemporary Portland:

Above: looking up Congress Street towards Congress Square.

Congress and Oak Streets. The old Columbia Phonograph is now a yoga store where you can drop lots of Benjamins on your path to enlightenment.

There's a whole group of people worldwide doing these framed photos on Flickr. In some, the historic pictures bear very little resemblance to the modern scenes that surround them (poor Lansing, Michigan). In others (especially those from Europe) there's little difference between the old photos and their modern-day frame. To my mind, the best ones, like these from Corey, combine recognizable buildings in both views, but contrast the two scenes with markedly different people, costumes, storefronts, and vehicles. Check out the awesome Strand Theater marquees in the top photo - they're long gone now, unfortunately.

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