Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Skies of L.A.

Last month in Houston I met the author of L.A. Places, a blog about the city's most interesting buildings, public art, hikes, and parks. It makes me want to visit southern California again.

I really liked her photos of these murals inside the public transit agency's headquarters building. They are titled "Los Angeles Circa 1879, 1910, 1950, and after 2000," respectively, by James Doolin.

"Los Angeles, Circa 1879":

"Los Angeles, Circa 1910":

Los Angeles, Circa 1950:
"Los Angeles, Circa After 2000":
What I really like about these murals is how LA's atmosphere is as much of a character as the city itself. As the city grows from a landscape of farms to a landscape of freeways, the sky above it transforms from a pristine blue to a smoggy, orange blanket of haze. The last mural - depicting the city as it is today - looks like something out of Blade Runner.

You can see more murals from LA's transit stations, and lots of other awesome things in Los Angeles, at Vanessa's blog.


Vanessa said...

Hi Christian, Thanks for taking a look at my pictures. I love those murals too. Your blog is very good - you guys should definitely come to visit Los Angeles - I think there are a lot of things here (both good and bad) that would interest you very much.

Karen said...

You've got a place to stay in Santa Barbara...only 90 minutes from Los Angeles. And if you really wanted to I bet I could get you and Jess into Disneyland for free again.